What method is verifiably best to optimize the chances of achieving an ideal healthy weight permanently?


All roads to long-term weight loss appear to lead to this low calorie, low fat diet and exercise formula. Atkins type dieters are clearly under-represented here, comprising less than one percent of this non-partisan group of long term losers. Registry researchers concluded that “Despite extensive histories of overweight and failed dieting attempts, registry members have lost an average of 66 lb and maintained the required minimum weight loss of 30 pounds for an average of more than 5 years. Nearly every participant used diet and exercise to initially lose weight, and nearly every subject is currently using diet and exercise to maintain his/her weight loss. Registry members report that weight loss has led to significant improvements in self-confidence, mood and physical health.”


Our uncommon success in overcoming the ever-persistent problem of overweight that is currently ravaging the health of most people in the industrialized world is due to the application of the research-based principles of group support and sound nutrition through the consistent logging and adjusting of food eaten and activity expended to produce an ongoing calorie deficit of 3,500 calories for each pound lost as well as an appropriate energy balance for long term maintenance of a healthy weight.


The group support and the successful example of peers who are achieving long-term success help us to keep up our life-long effort to sustain a normal and often ideal weight.