Roberta Russell & Harold Krieger
Mutual Alliance Therapy
 A new approach for improving your well-being through an intentional therapeutic alliance with a friend.
* Commended by the British 1994 Social Innovations Award



Mutual Alliance Therapy is a way of getting strength from understanding and joining with another person in the pursuit of your individual goals. It is based on conclusions drawn from psychotherapy research, but the results will depend on the character and determination of both you and your partner. Individual therapeutic alliances will benefit from the knowledge garnered about their own specific challenges. Many self-imposed limitations can be overcome with the shared interest and support of a trusted ally. This is what the Alliance Therapy Workshop is all about.

When professional psychotherapy is effective, the feeling of alliance between the therapist and patient, has been shown to be more important than the therapist's training, experience or orientation. The patient's feeling of alliance is more important for a successful therapeutic result than the length of psychotherapy, its cost or any other factor except perhaps the native ability to relate.

This Mutual Alliance Therapy Workshop is designed to be a dynamic learning experience to define and develop valuable relationship skills in the participants, to minimize stressful behavior and negative attitudes, to explore desirable options, and to develop a strategic plan through alliances with other committed people.

Even when one undertakes successful professional therapy, a healing alliance outside of that relationship has been shown to greatly enhance the therapeutic effect. This workshop is designed to be a dynamic learning experience, to develop a strategic plan based on your own goals and the mutual support of another.

After completing this workshop you should come away with an ongoing procedure for identifying your assets and strengths, and developing a working plan to minimize your stress-producing behavior into a more rewarding agenda for your life.
Requirements for this Workshop are courage, a spirit of inquiry, a pen and a notebook, and the willingness to follow up.
Advance registration and preparation is necessary. For more information e-mail Roberta Russell or call 917 693 6224.

To follow is an article, "Aliance Therapy, The Dawning of a Golden Age in Psychiatry" by Dave Marcmann, published in the Golden Age, Austraila


* Roberta Russell is the innovator of Mutual Alliance Therapy Workshops, which she has conducted internationally for business organizations, universities, and individuals.
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