All members must keep a daily log of their food and exercise and submit a copy of the written log to the group at each meeting. Meetings are arranged as needed, but logs are due by email each Wednesday. Members are advised to save all of their logs for review.

NO MEMBER is allowed to weigh his/herself at a meeting.  

If a member does not submit a food and exercise log for every meeting (and it must also arrive at the meeting), he or she may not attend any other meeting. Each member is completely responsible for getting his or her log to the meeting on time.

Each week members will share their weight changes, but their starting weight will remain confidential, unless the member wishes to divulge it.

Before engaging in any diet and exercise plan, each member will be responsible for getting a medical clearance from their own doctor, and will hold the leader and other group members harmless, with regard to the effects of any advice that they have given or may give on diet and exercise. By reading and signing a copy of these bylaws the participant confirms having been made aware of this provision and of his or her agreement to release the New York Placid Calorie & Exercise Logging group and all of its members from any and all liability that may arise from his or her participation.  

New members must reduce their weight by 15% of the amount that they intend to lose to reach normal weight within 5 weeks, by a total of 22% within the next 4 weeks, 30% within the following 4 weeks and so on until the goal is reached.

   There will be no charge for membership or meetings.



1.        A person is not allowed to join without submitting a complete 2 week log and a verified weight at the 1st day of the log. All who join must comply with the rules of the group and sign the bylaws.

2.        You are marked absent and may not attend further meetings unless you call an officer before the meeting with a valid excuse, but without fail, your log and weight must arrive at the meeting, by fax, phone or e-mail. Late deliveries to the meeting will not be accepted.

3.        When joining you must have your picture taken.

4.        Officers will assign their duties to and brief another member who will stand in for them when the officer is unable to attend.

5. Members will be accessible by e-mail and phone (at reasonable hours).

6. Visitors are not permitted at meetings unless they are given written permission by Roberta Russell.

7. New members will be willing to be in meetings that are videotaped for the purpose of recording and publishing books or videos on Permanent Weight Loss.

8. Members must be willing to follow up and report their results up to 5 years later. A reference of someone who would know your contact information if you moved must be provided.