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Permanent Weight Loss

If you or someone you care for are ready to lose weight permanently, consider using our methods at no cost now or later.

As you can see from the picture to the left, in 2000 I was 65 pounds more than I am in the picture below. Since then I have been able to stay at normal weight with the help of fellow calorie and exercise loggers who met with me weekly and took responsibility for creating a sufficient calorie deficit to reach their goals.

Now the groups consist mostly of on-line loggers who, using the methods that have been demonstrated to work, help each other and me, without monetary cost to any of us, to permanently achieve our healthy weight-loss goals. As of 2008 I have not gone above my normal weight, but do control fluctuations by continuing to log my calories and exercise, making appropriate adjustments, along with like-minded people who believe in the long-term effectiveness of this method.

If you want to hear more about this freely available method, just click on the permanent weight loss link above, read about our method and then, if you would like to join us contact me.


R.D. Laing & Me:
Lessons in Love 
by Roberta Russell with R.D. Laing 

"R.D. Laing & Me: Lessons in Love is a unique book about power and love--novel verité which unfolds in the form of a "how-to" book. It offers and depicts a way in which one person can be empowered by another's attention in an intimate realm. Borrowing from the psychotherapeutic model, it guides the reader in constructing a mutually beneficial paradigm with a carefully chosen other. It is an intimate reality told and experienced at the same time. The course of discovery unfolds between the authors, Roberta Russell and R.D. Laing, as it happens. The book is "real." You will see how the authors made each other crazy in the process of creating "RD Laing & Me: Lessons in Love," united only by the common goal of doing a "how-to" book together that would be useful to themselves and to you. Both the unfolding of the relationship depicted in this book, and the content discussed are intended to help you to achieve your realistic goals.

To the Reader from the authors:

"The discerning reader, using the insights of psychoanalysis, will discover the nuances of communication between the authors as they wrestle the obstacles to achieve their goals. In turn, the readers are encouraged to join in this experiment with their own partner, carefully chosen on the basis of conceptual level and mutual intent, and to make of it a vitalizing experience. If you can manage to survive each other’s onslaughts, a well-matched partnership is a lot more fun and more motivating than the lone pursuit of solitary goals into further solitude. We both wish you the best of luck."
                            RD Laing & Roberta Russell

The Critics:
"...fascinating... an intelligent self-help book... reads like a novel." 
Daphne Merkin, ed. The New Yorker
            National Book Critics Circle Judge 

"A moving account of [Russell's] relationship with R.D. Laing, the doyen of British antipsychiatry, during the 1980s. [It] creatively provoke(s) and appeal(s). ...Recommendable and might even move some in theoretical conflict with Laing to some useful self-reflection."
              Geoff Fisk, M.D., British Journal of Psychiatry

"An admirable courageous work of love and self-determination, science and romance, bonding in a high-wire act that is all the lovelier for working without a net."                       Andrew Vachss, Author 

"Fascinating..."                    Sean Connery

Lifetalk with Roberta Russell is a New York City television show featuring some of the most controversial, stimulating, and distinguished thinkers in the world.

Video:  Harold Krieger

Video Samples

Rebel with a Cause: Hans J. Eysenck, Ph.D.
Hans J. Eysenck, Ph.D. (most quoted psychologist)
on Psychoanalysis, Genius & Himself (3 videos)

For a live video sample click on the movie icon.

Sample Hans J. Eysenck, Ph.D.


Lifetalk guests include (click here for a full list):
Jerome David Frank, Ph.D., M.D. on
Persuasion & Healing
David McClelland, Ph.D. on Motivation
G. Terrence Wilson, Ph.D. on 
What works in Obesity Treatments
Edgar S. Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. on Time Dollars
Stuart Sutherland, Ph.D. on Irrationality
 and many more distinguished authorities ...

Report on Effective Psychotherapy:
Legislative Testimony
by Roberta Russell
published by
Hillgarth Press 404 East 55 St., PHb, NYC, NY 10022
Tel: 917-693-6224 or e-mail

What the psychotherapy authorities in research and practice have said about this ground-breaking Report on the effectiveness of psychotherapy: 

"The Report is concise, well-written and balanced. Roberta Russell is an excellent expositor and teacher."
        Jerome Frank, M.D., Johns Hopkins University

 "Roberta Russell has performed an invaluable service to psychotherapists-and to the general public--in updating her classical survey of research in psychotherapy outcomes. Her new material is accurate, fair, and comprehensive. It contains information, controversies and surprises-as does psychotherapy itself."
           Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook Institute
"…A masterful overview about the efficacy of psychotherapy."
Lester Luborsky, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
ISBN 0-940106-00-0

Mutual Alliance Therapy
 A new approach for improving your well-being through an intentional therapeutic alliance with a friend.

* Commended by the British 1994 Social Innovations Award
Mutual Alliance Therapy is a way of getting strength from understanding and joining with another person in the pursuit of your individual goals. It is based on conclusions drawn from psychotherapy research, but the results will depend on the character and determination of both you and your partner. Individual therapeutic alliances will benefit from the knowledge garnered about their own specific challenges. Many self-imposed limitations can be overcome with the shared interest and support of a trusted ally. This is what the Alliance Therapy Workshop is all about. 


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